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A High-Level Look at Marketing Reporting

You can tell your own story in the world of marketing. How does your story end? Is it an emotional messy rollercoaster? Or is it an exciting adventure? Marketing strategies can be tough, but I can show you how to turn your marketing strategy into a self-fulfilling prophecy with a simple method. 

This method is called marketing reporting. 

What is Marketing Reporting, Really?

According to Supermetrics, “marketing reporting is the process of measuring progress, showing value, and identifying actionable steps to improve marketing performance and meet your goals.” But what is marketing reporting actually? It's plain and simple. You’re telling your marketing story.  

Your story is valued and people want to hear how you are making an impact in the world of marketing.  Marketing Reports show the big picture of your strategy. It tells the strategist how they can improve their marketing strategy for the future. You can show your audience and competition why you are the best of the best and how you overcame tough challenges. The better your marketing report, the better your marketing strategy that creates a story on why you are crushing the marketing game.

Why is Marketing Reporting + Analysis Important?

Numbers don’t lie. Therefore, marketing reporting doesn’t lie either. Marketing reporting organizes all of your data in a digestible way. It shows not only you, but your audience how your marketing strategy did over a week, month, or a year. Look at your marketing analytics. This gives you accountability. 

If your numbers are not up to par with what you want, take accountability and change up your strategy. Even small adjustments can make a much better report in the future and an advantage over other companies. You can even think outside the box to create something you would have never imagined. 

What to include in a Digital Marketing Report

There are many different types of marketing reports to utilize, as well as specific elements for each type of report.  The three we will be talking about are weekly, monthly, and yearly digital marketing reports.

Daily Digital Marketing Reports:
  • The fastest way to get results
  • Find details of daily activities surrounding your marketing strategy

According to SEMrush, types of marketing reports to use in a day include…

  • Social media analytics
  • Ad performance


Weekly Digital Marketing Reports:
  • Used for weekly insights on a blog post, audience engagement, and much more.
  • Prevents any sort of site crash that could affect a lot of future work. 

According to whatagraph, types of marketing reports to use in a week include...

  • Blog leads
  • Blog traffic

SEMrush provides an example of what a weekly digital marketing report could look like.


Monthly Digital Marketing Reports:
  • Shows a bigger picture of what the marketing strategy is going for. 
  • An accumulation of weekly digital marketing reports. 
  • The most important report. 

According to whatagraph, types of marketing reports in a month include...

  • Current marketing strategy
  • SEO
  • Traffic


Tips + Insight for Successful Marketing Reporting

A successful marketing report doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to put in the work. Here are three tips to keep you on track and some marketing report template resources. 

Tip #1: Keep things organized - No one likes a messy report with numbers and graphs all over the place. We recommend keeping it clean and polished. 

Tip #2: Less words, more pictures - Do you think someone has time to read an entire marketing report word for word? Probably not. Give context to your report with pictures and informative graphs to make your report insightful and skimmable. 

Tip # 3: Create a schedule to stick to: People are more likely to accomplish their goals when they write them down. Think about how your business will be positively impacted in the long-run. Write it down and stick to it. 

Marketing Report Template Resources

Marketing report templates are a great resource for beginners and seasoned players. Check out the links down below to try some out yourself and learn more about when to use which marketing report template. 


How can you implement these tips and tricks into your story? We hope you feel powerful and motivated to go after your marketing goal.

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