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Top 20 Most Engaging Types of Content

Imagine this: You finally have a moment of downtime, leisurely scrolling through social media. Suddenly, a video pops up on your screen, and boom, you're captivated — engaged, entertained, and ready to hit that 'share' button. Captivating content isn't just a nice-to-have, it's the holy grail of digital marketing. The right content can turn passive scrollers into die-hard followers. It's about making real connections, sparking genuine conversations, and leaving a lasting impression.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 28, 2024

The Touchdown Moment Super Bowl Ads of 2024: Who Scored Big and Why We Can't Stop Talking About It

It’s not just the Chiefs who won Super Bowl LVIII. As the Kansas City Chiefs came out victorious, the commercial breaks were filled with lasting impressions, blending humor, nostalgia, and celebrities. These companies took home the Lombardi trophy of marketing during the grandest showdown in sports and entertainment. With brands investing up to $7 million for just a 30-second slot during the big game and CBS selling out of spaces as early as November, the stakes were sky-high, but the rewards? Super Bowl-sized.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 19, 2024

Video Advertising Mastery for 2024: Trends and Strategies

As of Q2 2023, digital video is practically the lifeline of modern marketing, rocking a 92.3% audience reach globally. Whether you're into toe-tapping music videos, laugh-out-loud comedies, viral sensations, or those oh-so-helpful how-to guides, video has something for every palate. Reach your audience through video content with these trends that are shaping video in 2024.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 13, 2024

Living in the Moment: Embracing the Era of Experiential Living

Diageo, the powerhouse behind renowned brands like Johnnie Walker and Tanqueray, unlocked the vault of evolving trends through its Foresight Report, "Distilled." The report decodes global conversations and provides insight into what makes Millennial and Gen Z consumers tick. The trends highlighted in the Diageo Foresight Report can help marketers orchestrate an influential experience for their audience. Let's unravel how you can meet your Millennial and Gen Z audience’s changing preferences and stay ahead of their expectations.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 7, 2024

Manifesting Success: Inspiring your 2024 Vision Board

Have you jumped on TikTok's vision board train yet? Reflect, set goals, and manifest your aspirations for 2024!  Dive into the trend that's taking TikTok by storm. The #VisionBoard hashtag blazes the platform with 7.9B views and counting. These visual tools, backed by psychology, help you sculpt a clear vision of your 2024 ambitions. Visualizing yourself living your best life and achieving all your goals can help you become more motivated.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 3, 2024

Modern Marketing Mix Makeover: 4Ps' Glow-Up

In 1960, E. Jerome McCarthy dropped the marketing mic with the 4 P's: product, promotion, placement, and price. It quickly became the rockstar framework taught in Marketing 101 classes, guiding marketers toward strategy success. But, hold the drumroll, the digital era crashed the party, flipping the script on the classic model. Here’s your cue to jazz up your approach to the infamous 4 P’s.

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Bridget Deutz · Jan 29, 2024