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AI Insight Series: AI and Email Marketing

The power of artificial intelligence has taken email marketing to new heights, making AI-powered emails every marketer’s trusty sidekick when it comes to generating leads and converting audiences. AI email marketing tools are emerging as a secret weapon to save time, optimize strategies, and achieve goals. By tapping into the potential of AI, marketers can deliver hyper-personalized and targeted content to each unique recipient.

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Bridget Deutz · Aug 16, 2023

AI Insight Series: AI and Video

Good video is a lot of work to produce, even for the most experienced Hollywood directors. By 2030, Gartner predicts that a major blockbuster film will be released with 90% of the film generated by AI, from text to video. Artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly improved video creation, analysis, understanding, and streaming. Videos are integral to any marketing campaign; however, they can be tedious and difficult to create if you aren't a pro or are short on time and budget. Nonetheless, over 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. AI's integration into video applications enhances how we interact with and enjoy video content. AI-generated videos are created using algorithms that analyze text, images, and audio to produce a video output. Traditional videos that require extensive manual input, AI-generated videos streamline the process.

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Bridget Deutz · Aug 9, 2023

AI Insight Series: AI and Design

AI-generated designs are everywhere. If you are active on social platforms, you’ve probably seen a variety of content that’s been created using AI tools, most commonly, DALLE. The allure of text-based tools comes from their capability to generate images solely from a string of descriptive text. What will marketing and design look like with the rise of comprehensive AI tools? Many fear that AI will replace designers, and this is somewhat true. AI will replace today's designers but will empower the designers of tomorrow. Partnering with AI will help marketing professionals and designers revolutionize the digital world and beyond.

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Bridget Deutz · Aug 3, 2023

AI Insight Series: AI and Content Marketing

This blog is part of our AI Insight Series, where we dive into the impact of AI on different marketing topics. In this post, we’re exploring the relationship between AI and content marketing. Using AI helps marketers create more targeted campaigns and understand their target audience on a deeper level by analyzing data on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. AI has the potential to improve your content efforts and make life easier. Over 70% of high-performing marketers have a fully defined AI strategy. By relying on AI content marketing, planning, and distribution tools to automate tasks and boost production, marketers have ample time for high-level strategizing and performance. 63% of people are unaware that they are already using AI technologies like personalized content suggestions. Unleash the power of intuitive marketing and revolutionize the way you create, personalize, optimize, and distribute content with AI.

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Bridget Deutz · Jul 25, 2023

10 FAQs on Using Video Content in Marketing

Content marketing is all about attracting people to your brand. One of the best ways to increase engagement through dynamic content is, you guessed it, video. The bond that video fosters between your company and the audience is one that static content couldn’t dream of achieving. Using people within videos has proven to be especially effective for businesses. Video marketing can serve as an emotional connection point for businesses to interact with potential clients in a media-packed world.

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Bridget Deutz · Jul 5, 2023

The In and Outs of Content Clusters

Bill Gates said it best in the early ‘90s when he said “Content is King.” But how you leverage your content is just as important. Content clusters provide the contextual support you need so you can get your business out there and in front of the right audience. The overarching goal of content clusters is to provide a deep dive into a topic, while also improving the user experience and SEO of a website.

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Bridget Deutz · May 1, 2023