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Audience Insight: Using Surveys in Sales & Marketing

In marketing, a survey is a way of collecting information that proportionately represents the views of your target audience. When used effectively, surveys are a valuable tool to gain audience insights, gather feedback, and make data-driven decisions. You can learn a lot about your audience through surveys, but there is a time and a place for how to best utilize them.

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Bridget Deutz · May 30, 2023

Building Relationships Through Conversational Marketing

Inbound marketing is built on the foundation of connecting with your audience, and personal interactions with your audience can create a more one-on-one connection. Conversational marketing equips you with the tools to build stronger relationships with your audience by creating a more personal experience. 

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Bridget Deutz · Apr 11, 2023

7 Insights to Learn from Your Competitors' Social Media

Researching your competitors’ platforms allows you to tailor your social media platforms to your intended audience. If you want to implement a stronger strategy, capture more attention from your target audience, and rise above the competition, you need to know what they’re up to. So, look at who’s crushing it. Learning the ins and outs of your competitors helps you come out on top.

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Bridget Deutz · Mar 22, 2023

8 Tips for Keeping up with Market Trends

Your influence as an industry thought leader relies on your ability to keep discovering. To maintain a certain level of expertise, we know it’s imperative to stay up to date with current trends and trending topics by learning more about your industry, the state of the industry’s market, and really - the world in general. All of this information can help you (and thus your sales and marketing strategy) not only stay fresh but also spark new ideas.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 6, 2023

4 Tools We Use for Productivity, Efficiency, & Communication

Collaboration between your team is fundamental for productivity, efficiency, and communication. Today highly collaborative work environments are more likely to improve return on investment (ROI) and increase productivity because they encourage engagement and foster shared goals. Work productivity improves work efficiency. When employees are given better tools, they tend to produce more efficient work.

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Bridget Deutz · Dec 29, 2022

Elevating your Marketing by Prioritizing an Omnichannel Experience

A cohesive experience determines how your audience views and interacts with your company. Companies with omnichannel strategies retain 89% of their customers. An omnichannel strategy improves the website, mobile, and in-person experience for your audience and provides engaging pipelines for your audience.

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Bridget Deutz · Dec 21, 2022