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Navigating the Future of Marketing: 7 Trends to Watch for in 2024

Keeping an open mind is key to success in all areas of your personal and professional life, especially when it comes to planning for the future. An open mind allows you to adapt, learn, and grow, and it can lead to more rewarding results and a deeper understanding of the world around you. Adapting to new technologies will be pivotal to marketing success in 2024 and beyond, especially with AI on the radar. Nine out of 10 social media marketers say an active online community is critical to success in 2024. This coming year’s marketing landscape will be shaped by technological advancements and evolving buyer behaviors.


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Bridget Deutz · Nov 28, 2023

Conversations with Chatbots & Generating Prompts with ChatGPT

You can talk about everything under the sun with generative AI chatbots, from brainstorming names for your fantasy football team to recommending team-building ideas. They're your 24/7 conversational partners, ready for any topic you throw their way! (But maybe don’t try asking them to dinner.) Clear communication is the key to making the most out of conversations with chatbots in campaigns and when generating content.

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Bridget Deutz · Nov 14, 2023

Fall Cleaning: How to Keep Your HubSpot Portal Clean & Efficient

As the leaves change colors and the weather turns cooler, it's not just your yard that could use a little seasonal cleaning. Your HubSpot portal, the heart of your marketing operations, could also use some tidying up. A well-organized HubSpot account can boost productivity and keep your marketing efforts on track. With the air turning crisp, there’s no better time to sit down with a pumpkin spice latte and get some fall HubSpot portal cleaning done.

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Bridget Deutz · Oct 24, 2023

AI Insight Series Recap: How to use AI with Marketing

If you’ve been keeping up with our AI series, you’ve probably put together that by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, marketers can now deliver highly personalized and targeted content. Over 31% of marketers say the top success story they see with AI is getting a better understanding of the customer.

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Bridget Deutz · Sep 27, 2023

AI Insight Series: AI and Video

Good video is a lot of work to produce, even for the most experienced Hollywood directors. By 2030, Gartner predicts that a major blockbuster film will be released with 90% of the film generated by AI, from text to video. Artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly improved video creation, analysis, understanding, and streaming. Videos are integral to any marketing campaign; however, they can be tedious and difficult to create if you aren't a pro or are short on time and budget. Nonetheless, over 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. AI's integration into video applications enhances how we interact with and enjoy video content. AI-generated videos are created using algorithms that analyze text, images, and audio to produce a video output. Traditional videos that require extensive manual input, AI-generated videos streamline the process.

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Bridget Deutz · Aug 9, 2023

10 FAQs on Using Video Content in Marketing

Content marketing is all about attracting people to your brand. One of the best ways to increase engagement through dynamic content is, you guessed it, video. The bond that video fosters between your company and the audience is one that static content couldn’t dream of achieving. Using people within videos has proven to be especially effective for businesses. Video marketing can serve as an emotional connection point for businesses to interact with potential clients in a media-packed world.

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Bridget Deutz · Jul 5, 2023