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Personalization Heaven: 8 Ways to Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience provides the perfect opportunity to create a more personal relationship with them. When you get to know your current and potential clients through the data they share with you, you can identify the shared characteristics of specific audience groups. This sets the stage to present unique offerings that appeal directly to them.

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Bridget Deutz · Mar 18, 2023

Remote Work: Expectation vs. Reality, an Intern's Perspective

In addition to interning for Greenline, I spent the last four months of 2022 exploring Greece and traveling all around Europe. This incredible experience taught me countless things about the world - as well as remote work. Sitting in a cafe in Athens, Greece inspired me on a different level. When experiencing new things, you’re fostering new ways of thinking and creating. Now, I continue my internship with a new view on remote work.

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Claire Fredrickson · Feb 23, 2023

What is Chat GPT? And Other FAQs about the New Chat AI

We’ve all had conversations with a virtual assistant or chatbot, Chat GPT is the epitome of this AI technology. The new type of artificial intelligence (AI) can understand and generate natural language text.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 15, 2023

8 Tips for Keeping up with Market Trends

Your influence as an industry thought leader relies on your ability to keep discovering. To maintain a certain level of expertise, we know it’s imperative to stay up to date with current trends and trending topics by learning more about your industry, the state of the industry’s market, and really - the world in general. All of this information can help you (and thus your sales and marketing strategy) not only stay fresh but also spark new ideas.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 6, 2023

Add Digital Self-Care to Your 2023 Resolutions

Taking care of yourself goes beyond a facial and massage. Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, most of us spend a lot of time on our computers and other devices. With all of the time that we spend digitally creating, communicating, and consuming content comes an endless pile of data. Set aside some time to get yourself and your digital devices organized and refreshed.

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Bridget Deutz · Jan 31, 2023

Elevating your Marketing by Prioritizing an Omnichannel Experience

A cohesive experience determines how your audience views and interacts with your company. Companies with omnichannel strategies retain 89% of their customers. An omnichannel strategy improves the website, mobile, and in-person experience for your audience and provides engaging pipelines for your audience.

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Bridget Deutz · Dec 21, 2022