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Branding Client Feature: INDY Foundation

We take pride in being active in the Central MN communities where we live, work, and spend our free time. Both Emily and I volunteer with various organizations, sit on local boards and committees, and attend events that support the people, businesses, and initiatives that are meaningful to us. Kayla Keenan from INDY reached out after a friend recommended her to us, and we’re thrilled to partner with The INDY Foundation as a client.

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Emily Pederson · Dec 31, 2023

Inbound Marketing Strategy Client Feature: Bernick’s

Collaboration is one of our values, and having a seat at the table with other businesses is something we consider a privilege; but we want our clients to know, trust, and value us, too. Those are the strongest client partnerships, and we’re so fortunate to have found that in many of our client partners, Bernick’s included.

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Emily Pederson · Nov 8, 2023

Leave Coverage for Marketing Agencies, Client Feature: Gate 39 Media

People often ask me how I came up with our leave coverage service, or how it started. And honestly, it was sort of a happy accident. When I started Greenline in 2019, I put the word out to a few friends and colleagues. Before I knew it, a friend - who also had her own marketing business at the time - asked if I’d be willing to take on her client load so she “could actually have a maternity leave.” She was having her third and wanted to be able to soak in those sweet baby snuggles. We discussed what it’d look like for both of us in terms of communication and responsibilities, pay structures, and client needs, and I decided to go for it! I appreciated that she trusted me and was happy to have a set of ‘clients’ (so to speak) right out of the gate.

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Bridget Deutz · Oct 3, 2023

Marketing Agency Support Client Feature

Like many of our agency partners, Greenline Marketing white-labels for “Agency Partner” - so we are a true extension of their team. As agreed upon in our NDA and non-compete for agency support, we won’t share the name of this Agency Partner or their clients, but are happy to explain more about the work we do and how we partner with other agencies to offer marketing support and HubSpot contracting services.

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Emily Pederson · Sep 7, 2023

Marketing Strategy Client Feature: St. Cloud Shines

St. Cloud Shines is a local placemaking initiative dedicated to sharing the shining faces, places, businesses, organizations, and events happening in the Central MN area. They’re a client of ours and an organization that we proudly support both personally and professionally. Over many years of partnership, we’ve had the opportunity to create and execute a variety of marketing strategies to help them continue to grow brand awareness and continue to strengthen the connections between the communities they serve.

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Emily Pederson · Aug 22, 2023

Marketing Management: We've Got This

Just as the name says, we’ll manage the different pieces of your digital marketing. Typically when a client hires us for their marketing management, they’ve already put a plan or marketing strategy together, and they just want our time and expertise for the creating and doing. Below are the various digital marketing efforts we offer management of. You can choose one or all of them based on your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Emily Pederson · Jul 1, 2023