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The Touchdown Moment Super Bowl Ads of 2024: Who Scored Big and Why We Can't Stop Talking About It

It’s not just the Chiefs who won Super Bowl LVIII. As the Kansas City Chiefs came out victorious, the commercial breaks were filled with lasting impressions, blending humor, nostalgia, and celebrities. These companies took home the Lombardi trophy of marketing during the grandest showdown in sports and entertainment. With brands investing up to $7 million for just a 30-second slot during the big game and CBS selling out of spaces as early as November, the stakes were sky-high, but the rewards? Super Bowl-sized.

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Bridget Deutz · Feb 19, 2024

Leave Coverage for Marketing Agencies, Client Feature: Gate 39 Media

People often ask me how I came up with our leave coverage service, or how it started. And honestly, it was sort of a happy accident. When I started Greenline in 2019, I put the word out to a few friends and colleagues. Before I knew it, a friend - who also had her own marketing business at the time - asked if I’d be willing to take on her client load so she “could actually have a maternity leave.” She was having her third and wanted to be able to soak in those sweet baby snuggles. We discussed what it’d look like for both of us in terms of communication and responsibilities, pay structures, and client needs, and I decided to go for it! I appreciated that she trusted me and was happy to have a set of ‘clients’ (so to speak) right out of the gate.

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Bridget Deutz · Oct 3, 2023

What is Chat GPT? And Other FAQs about the New Chat AI

We’ve all had conversations with a virtual assistant or chatbot, Chat GPT is the epitome of this AI technology. The new type of artificial intelligence (AI) can understand and generate natural language text.

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Emily Pederson · Feb 15, 2023

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Decrease Marketing Budgets During a Recession

The first thing to take a hit when a recession comes knocking is often the marketing budget. The common misconception to decrease marketing budgets when the money gets tight backfires in the long run, even for companies like Microsoft and Google. In reality, marketing should be one of your top priorities always, even (and especially!) in a recession.

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Emily Pederson · Nov 22, 2022

What I've learned during my 6-month Digital Marketing Internship

For the past six months, Greenline has been host to a wonderful Digital Marketing Intern, Ellie Michael. She's beginning her senior year at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and we're so grateful to have had her time, talent, and energy for the better part of 2021. Ellie is proof there is a new generation of creative young professionals excited to learn and be part of changing the marketing game. As her internship with us comes to a close, I asked Ellie to take a moment to reflect and document what she's learned over the past several months - which you can read, below. If you're looking for a bright, hardworking graduate come May, I know she'll be great in a variety of roles. Cheers, Ellie!

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Bridget Deutz · Sep 8, 2021

Deutz, Owner & Founder of Greenline Marketing Receives Award

Bridget Deutz, the owner and founder of Greenline Marketing, was presented with the Emerging Leader Award from the American Advertising Federation of Central MN on February 29, 2020

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Greenline Marketing News · Apr 2, 2020