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Top 10 Marketing & Creative Podcasts to Listen To

Podcasts are an amazing way to expand your knowledge on an endless variety of topics. Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment for many consumers as it’s an easy and affordable method. There are currently 2 million podcasts in the world and over 48 million episodes. As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, so does the scope of topics that are spoken on. Most platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts have different genres of podcasts you can choose from. Within the business category, there is a large sum of marketing podcasts, specifically. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite marketing and creative podcasts, complete with specific episode recommendations to get you started - and inspired! 


1. Marketing Over Coffee 

This popular weekly podcast is hosted by EventHero’s VP of Marketing, John J. Wall, and co-founder, Christopher Penn. In this podcast, they cover all things, old and new, when it comes to marketing tactics. They cover the intersection of marketing and technology within 15-25 minutes, which makes this the perfect podcast to turn on while drinking your morning coffee, what a coincidence! They interview people like Seth Godin, Simen Sinkek, Mitch Joel, and more. Their episodes are filled with loads of tips and tricks you can try out within your business. Short, sweet, insightful - WIN. You can find their podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or their website. Want to give them a listen?

Recommended Episode: The Facebook Money Machine


2. How I Built This with Guy Raz

The host of How I Built This, Guy Raz, digs into the stories behind some of the world’s biggest and most successful businesses. More specifically, it’s all about the people who built these businesses, their stories, what went right and wrong, and what they learned along the way. These episodes offer a real opportunity for your business to learn from true experts and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Episodes are around an hour in length and you can listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Recommended Episode: Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade


3. Online Marketing Made Easy

The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast is hosted by Amy Porterfield. She runs this amazing top-business podcast and creates amazing content perfectly curated towards smaller businesses. Her episodes feature interviews with experts, execution plans, some behind the scenes, and Amy’s own experience within the business world. All of these episodes are backed up by tactful and actionable marketing tactics. She covers topics like growing your email list to implementing real strategies to better your business. You can find her show on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Recommended Episode: The 6 Pillars of My Content Creation Process


4. The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

On the creative side of marketing, this graphic ‘designcast’ is a great listen. Hosted by Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilson, this podcast combines these creative professionals' expertise to provide unique inspiration and perspectives for your business. Episodes length is typically around an hour or longer, which is great for an upcoming road trip or mid-afternoon walk. The hosts discuss a different graphic design topic or idea every episode and also include listener questions at the end of the episode. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, you definitely need to give this podcast a try.

Recommended Episode: Rebrands


5. The Science of Social Media

If you’ve ever read Buffer’s blog, then you know how much insight they have when it comes to the world of social media marketing. This podcast is hosted by Buffer’s own social media marketing team and they dig into all things social. The purpose of their podcast is to answer any and all burning questions when it comes to exploring new marketing strategies and tactics that can help grow your business. They have over 25,000 listeners every week. Each episode is short and sweet, ranging from 10-15 minutes. You can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, as well as on the Buffer Blog. 

Recommended Episode: 5 Under-the-Radar Social Media Studies to Make You a Smarter Marketer


6. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown 

Hosted by the one and only Brené Brown, this podcast is definitely one you need to give a listen to. Every episode features conversations with people who are extremely inspirational, provide a new perspective, and offer up new ideas. Think of this podcast ​​as a key to ‘unlocking the deeply human part of who we are’. Episodes are around 30 minutes to an hour long and are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and their website. Our recommended episode digs into the big topic of burnout and what that can mean for people in the creative field. Check it out!

Recommended Episode: Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle’ 


7. The Search Engine Journal Show

This podcast, hosted by The Search Engine Journal, is made for those who want to learn any and all things SEO. The show is hosted by Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker. They dive into all things SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing, as well as digital marketing tactics. They interview various industry experts and really dig a little deeper into what SEO means for your business. Each episode is under an hour and definitely worth a listen. You can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and their website. 

Recommended Episode: Automation and Paid Search - How To Adapt and Prosper


8. Marketing Scoop

This weekly podcast is hosted and created by SEMRush. Marketing Scoop is another SEO podcast that is definitely worth listening to. The hosts, David Bain and Judith Lewis, uncover all the latest SEO and digital marketing trends that are sure to have an impact on your business and its strategies. They interview a variety of industry experts to help them further analyze and understand all the trends that are taking the SEO world by storm. Every episode is around 30 minutes long and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and SEMRush’s website. 

Recommended Episode: How to Increase Revenue by 5x in Just One Year


9. Copyblogger FM

Hosted by Tim Stoddart, Copyblogger FM is all you’ll ever need for all things content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, and that doesn't even begin to cover it all. With new episodes out weekly, you and your business have a real chance to improve all your content marketing and copywriting skills. Each episode is under an hour and digs into what tips and tricks various industry experts have on how your business can be the best at content marketing. Who doesn’t want that? You can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or their website. 

Recommended Episode:How to Write Content That Resonates


10. The Call to Action Podcast

This podcast was created by Unbounce and it focuses on online marketing success stories and how your business can learn from those stories. While talking to marketing managers, directors, and other leaders, this podcast can help inspire you and your business to create more innovative and growth-driven strategies. The host, Stephanie Sartesky, walks you through the art and science of digital marketing as well as the planning, strategizing, and execution of these strategies. Each episode is around 14-30 minutes long and is offered on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the Unbounce website.

Recommended Episode: Should You Kill Your Homepage?


We hope these episodes and podcasts inspire you! Knowledge truly is the key to success and growth in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Stay on top of current trends and join the millions of people that are indulging in the amazing value of podcasts. 

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