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Using Clubhouse in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Clubhouse is a new social platform that launched in March of 2020. This newly introduced platform began as a relatively small community, but now has around 2 million active weekly users, talk about growth! It was originally created to ‘allow people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting people around the world’. 

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only platform that facilitates communication through virtual ‘rooms’ for live discussions on a variety of topics. It allows users to participate in discussions by listening or speaking on the topic. Users are encouraged to share stories, collaborate, and bounce ideas off other users. As it is an auditory-only platform, it has reintroduced why social media was created in the first place - the social aspect! Think of it as a social media platform for live podcasts. The catch with this application is that it’s an invite-only platform.

Clubhouse is set apart from other social media applications because of its exclusivity. The platform, so far, has been largely popular with celebrities and influencers. Not only do you get to listen to celebrities like Oprah, Drake, or Ashton Kutcher speak, but you can participate in the conversation with them. That’s what makes the application so appealing to users. Studies found that avid Clubhouse users are spending about 11-22 hours on the app each week. 

Getting Starting Using Clubhouse:

Clubhouse’s invite-only structure is set up similar to other social media giants like Facebook and Gmail when they first launched. Being ‘invited’ isn’t moderated by Clubhouse, so it’s easier to get in than you may think. Ask around and see if anyone you know is currently on the application and would offer an invite for you and your business to join. If you don’t know anyone currently using the platform, you can wait for the application to fully open to everyone. With the amount of growth Clubhouse has seen in the past year, it may not be long before they open the app to any and all potential users.

If you are able to secure an invitation to the app, the first step is setting up your profile. Write an effective bio that introduces yourself and your business, along with topics you are passionate about. You are also able to link your brand’s Instagram as well, so be sure to do that to encourage users to engage further with your business on various platforms. From there, you can start searching for content to engage with. Like other social media applications, Clubhouse has an explore page. The explore page offers various content creators you can follow and a list of topics you can pick from. From there you can choose a ‘Club’ to join that discusses the topics you’re interested in. To get involved in discussions you have to join a ‘room’.  Once you’re in a room, you have the ability to engage with the speaker as well as other listeners. 


Why Use Clubhouse in Your Marketing Strategy: 

Although Clubhouse is a new platform, it has the makings of becoming a real aspect of any social media marketing campaign. The platform is incorporating an aspect that many other social media apps have forgotten about, audio. Here are 3 reasons you should consider getting involved with Clubhouse:

  • Engagement: Clubhouse offers the opportunity to get involved and connect with other professionals in your industry. It also allows you to be able to engage with your consumers or target audience in real-time. Around 38% of users are 24 to 34-year-olds and most listeners are from the US. Audio social media platforms, in general, are going to become increasingly more popular over the next couple of years. 
  • Real Conversations: The point of Clubhouse is not producing content but having real meaningful conversations about topics that matter. This also means having real conversations with your consumers. The app allows you to get feedback in real-time from people who care about your and your business. 
  • Investment Opportunities: Running a business costs money, and Clubhouse offers an opportunity for your business to connect with potential investors and sell your product or service to a variety of consumers. Share your experience with others and tell them about what makes your brand special - if it resonates, people will want to get involved. 

While the app is still in the early stages, consider getting ahead of the trend and joining Clubhouse. Audio content is on the rise and is showing to increase to about 1 hour and 37 minutes for every adult in 2022, and your business has the opportunity to set the standard.  The platform offers real potential for your brand to get its name out there, tell its story, and get consumers involved. If you want to learn more about Clubhouse, here is a virtual tour and walk-through. It has great potential as a marketing tactic within your strategy!

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