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3 Surprising Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out (That Shouldn't Be Surprising)

Aristotle said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” We say: “Knowing your business is the beginning of all marketing success.” Taking time to reflect and be still can seem revolutionary in a fast-moving, impatient world. Intentional introspection will keep you in tune with all aspects of your business, and in turn, with your customers too. This is just the first of many tips we recommend to businesses that want to stand out in authentic and unique ways. 

Tip #1: Practice Introspection

In the field of psychology, introspection is known as ‘experimental self-observation.’ While this research technique has become less popular for clinical practice, it has proven benefits for self-reflection and self-analysis. To gain higher self-awareness of your business, set aside quiet time to think about your business using the introspection techniques of asking questions about your business, and reflecting on the meaning behind your answers. Practicing introspection will help you to realize what makes your business, your business! Nothing stands out in the world like a company taking ownership of its unique qualities.

photo-1488310371179-2efa381746d2A strong sense of self communicates itself clearly in a business marketing strategy. Not only can a strong sense of self-awareness make marketing easier, it also establishes trust with potential consumers. This is all about working smarter, not harder! Standing out online can simply come from projecting a consistent brand identity over time and across platforms. To practice introspection for your marketing efforts, use these questions as a starting point for brainstorming, conversation, and/or journaling...

  1. Who is your business? 
  2. Who are your employees? 
  3. Why is your company passionate about what you do?
  4. What impact do you want your business to make on others?
  5. When others see or hear about your business, what do you want them to think about or associate with you? 

Tip #2: Communication 

I know what you might be thinking: ummm, communication? Duh! But stick with me… After you’ve spent time individually and as a team on intentional introspection, it’s time to bring those elements to life! Figure out how you can ‘toot your own horn’ about everything that’s so great about your business across your online platforms. Reflecting on your business can make it easier for you to brainstorm a list of what makes your brand stand out from others. Use this list in conjunction with your marketing strategy. Each post, blog, email, ad, etc. is an opportunity to communicate at least one of your brand's awesome, unique qualities. To practice communicating your unique qualities, consider these...

  1. If your brand was a person, how might they talk? Use your brand's tone of voice in all of your marketing material’s written copy. This includes everything from CTA buttons, email subject lines, and even sales call scripts!
  2. Consider your brand's personality when it comes to the visual appearance of your marketing content. Colors and images communicate with your audience whether you or they consciously recognize it. Your brand’s colors and aesthetic should tie all of your marketing materials together (think envelopes, profile pictures, office decor and furniture, and shipping materials).
  3. What consistent messages do you want woven in all of your communication? What words, values, or phrases should be omnipresent in your messages?

Open communication in your digital marketing helps foster engagement levels with your customers. Though it may be a basic practice when it comes to customer service, it can make or break sales opportunities. Nearly half of customers say they’d switch to a competitor after just one bad experience, according to this 2020 Customer trends report. Practicing consistent communication with your followers boldly allows them to interact with and enter into your brand community - ultimately building a loyal, engaged customer base.

Tip #3: Relatability

You are human, your employees are human, your business was created for and by humans, and customers want to relate to that. In fact, 86% of consumers say authenticity is a determining factor when it comes to choosing brands. Consumers (especially younger ones in the Gen Z and Millennial age groups) find it easier to trust a company that cares about more than just making sales. Social issues are important to modern consumers, and they’ll migrate to your company when your brand expresses a passion for social issues.

When you infuse your content with relatability, you open your brand up for authentic relationships with your customers. Here are a few marketing tips to start creating this...

  1. Behind the scenes content: Give your followers a peek behind the curtain and show them a glimpse of what it's really like to work with your team every day. Behind the scenes content humanizes your brand allows for a deeper, more trusting relationship with consumers. This can look like video, photo, or live stream content of meetings, conference calls, workshops, and even lunch breaks or happy hours.
  2. Social listening: Oftentimes, your customers will tell you what they like about your company. Make sure you tap into your follower’s opinion of you so that you can continue to market the qualities that make your company popular. Monitor user generated content to see what your followers think of your brand and how they talk about you too. UGC is also good for showing off loyal customers on social media and can help bring in more followers too! 
  3. Leverage reviews and testimonials: Reading your customer’s online reviews of your brand can give you a clear idea of why people support your company too. Share these internally and spotlight them in content where it makes sense.

Standing out online does not require billion-dollar marketing budgets and flashy displays by your company. Rather, creating small-scale, authentic, and relatable content can attract people to your company in a bold and genuine way. Use these tips to tap into the humanized, clearest version of your brand’s identity and your marketing content be will thumb-stopping.

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