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Email Marketing Series - #1: Email Marketing Strategy

In 2023, it’s projected there will be 4.3 billion email users. Email marketing is a tried and true way to engage with your customers and get them the information they want. A well-thought email marketing campaign can be successful for many reasons. Some of those reasons include: 1) email has a larger reach than most marketing tactics, 2) it delivers your message to your intended audience, and 3) it’s a preferred way of communication in terms of marketing. 

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Bridget Deutz · May 5, 2020

Email Marketing Isn't Dead! 4 Ways it Plays a Vital Role in Digital Marketing Strategy

The first email was sent in the 1970’s by a man named Ray Tomlinson. That forever changed how people communicated and soon, how people would market their products and services. I think we can all agree it’s not unusual to get several emails a day from brands and companies with content about products and services, ongoing promotions, or just an informational product email. 

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Bridget Deutz · Jan 8, 2020