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5 Benefits of a Contracted Marketing Partner

Outsourcing your marketing work to a contractor is about more than just the actual marketing, it’s about building a strong, collaborative, mutually-beneficial relationship. The best kind of partnership is when two companies work together towards a common goal; each side bringing its own value and expertise. Working with a marketing contractor allows you to create a strategic relationship with an expert resource that reaches areas outside your wheelhouse and capacity. This can provide more marketing exposure, growth, expanded tactics, and ultimately allows you to gain new customers.

5 Big Benefits of a Contracted Marketing Partner

A whopping 75% of world trade flows indirectly, which alludes to the success of partnerships and contracted marketing. Marketing partnerships are all about growth. When we team up with a client, we focus on helping you reach your goals and further develop your business through digital marketing, lead gen, and growth efforts. Marketing partners should be advocates of the business they collaborate with. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to marketing partnerships, but the good news is there are plenty of ways to create successful partnerships for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

1. Expanded Talent Pool

A big reason companies look to work with a marketing contractor is because of their expertise and skills. Whether it’s a lack of time, talent, or resources - an external individual or team maybe be the golden ticket to both growth and efficiency.

The right marketing partner can have a seat at the table and function as an extension of your team to brainstorm, strategize, execute, and report on all things marketing – from SEO to social posting – and bring a fresh perspective to both. In fact, 44% of businesses form relationships with marketing partners to get new ideas, insights, and innovation. An outsourced partner likely has a specific set of skills and is there to be an expert resource. You can find contractors who specialize in different areas of marketing, such as inbound marketing, Instagram Story ads, video marketing, content writing, and more. With all this added potential, it's no surprise that high-growth brands are three times more likely to use marketing partnerships as part of their overall strategy than no-growth firms.

2. Flexibility

Marketing contracts can be short-term or long-term and should be flexible based on need. If you have a short-term need - perhaps an employee taking personal leave - an outsourced partnership is a great option. In the long-term, if you have the budget to offer 12-month renewable contract roles so you can grow your business, contracted marketing partners are still a great option. Outsourcing marketing efforts through a partnership relieves the stress of being short-staffed, without the pressure of feeling like a contract has to be a long-term perfect fit. A weight is lifted off of other employees’ shoulders.

3. Efficiency

Most companies have a strict marketing budget. We get it! Outsourcing your marketing can help make your budget more cost-effective and ‘get the most bang for your buck’ Consider this: contracting with a partner can be substantially more cost-effective than going through a hiring process, paying full-time benefits, as well as overhead. In fact, the top reason for outsourcing is cost reduction. Good partnering ensures your business gets in front of the right people, in the right place, and in the most efficient way. 

4. Fresh Perspective

Sometimes a new perspective can completely elevate a business. If a business is looking for a new perspective, marketing partnerships are a great option. Whether you’re not getting the results you expected, things are feeling stale, or you’ve hit a roadblock,  contract marketing partnerships are designed for you (and/or your team) to collaborate with professionals who have a variety of expertise so that you don’t feel like you have a cookie-cutter plan or marketing tactics that are ‘set-it-and-forget-it.’ A marketing partner can be relied on for staying current on trends and strategies as well as seeing your business and goals from a different perspective. Sometimes Internal staff is too close to the company to see certain things, and a perspective can bring new light.

5. Capacity

Projects can get done faster when more people are working on them, it’s just a fact. With a marketing partner, there are more people involved in getting the work done, and the combined team also will hold each other accountable, which helps ensure things aren’t forgotten. When you have collaboration, you have more brain power. Bumps in the road can seem smaller and lofty goals feel more achievable. With a marketing agency on your side, scaling growth and adapting to your changes and evolution can be taken in stride as your company grows -  outsourcing can help channel your team’s energy and focus on bigger things. Also, the expertise of a marketing agency can benefit your client base and business as a whole by helping you take on new business. Think of everyone on your team currently helping (or tasked with helping) with marketing efforts … if you free up their time to do what they’re best at and what they were hired to do, your capacity (and efficiency) just got leveled up.

Partnerships are crucial to reaching your goals, generating more leads, and expanding your reach overall. By 2025, nearly a third of total global sales are predicted to come from ecosystems (cross-industry players working together to create solutions). Plus, in the next ten years, ecosystems will bring $100 trillion worth of value to businesses. In order to harness the power of contracted marketing partnerships, it’s essential that you choose a partner that makes sense to your business and to the consumer. When looking for the right marketing partnership, you need to carefully align with another business that has similar values, while being able to provide you with increased exposure and new ways to reach your audience.

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